Hitched helps every person in the dating world stay in the know! The "News" feature built into the app scours the internet to keep you up to date with what's going on in the dating world. Read articles from your favorite websites about their dating experiences and learn the do's and don'ts of the dating world.

Check out our "Great Conversation" feature to turn any boring date around. See how he/she will answer when put to the test to various types of questions 

Check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for great updates (possibly jokes) about Hitched and like us to see what were up too! 

Hitched is no ordinary dating app. Hitched contains multiple features to help anyone plan an evening without emptying their wallet. Choose the amount of money you want to spend and plan what you want to do and Hitched will do the rest! 

Michael Rubin, Founder and CTO

In today’s age of fast paced dating whether it’s meeting someone through various apps and websites or even the occasional blind date it can get very stressful. This is where Hitched can help you!